AT&T Customer Service Phone Numbers & Headquarters Address Info.

Information About AT & T Inc.

Information About AT & T Inc.

AT & T Inc. is an American Multinational Telecommunication Company which provides satellite television service, fixed line telephones, mobile phone, Broadband, digital tv, home securities system, network security system.

It is a world’s Largest profit making Telecommunications Company. Formerly, the AT & T is known as Southwestern Bell Corporation. AT & T is announcing most valuable Brand in 2017.

AT & T Company Profile

AT & T(American Telephone & Telegraph Company)  
Establishment Year 1983
Established By Bell Telephone company
Chairman Randall Stephenson
CEO Randall Stephenson
Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Products Satellite television
Fixed Line Telephones
Mobile phones
Digital Television
Home Security system
OTT Services
Network Security System
Net Profit 163.8 billion$
Total Assets 403.82 billion$
Number of Employees 273000
Subsidiaries AT & T Corp.
AT & T Digital Life
AT & T Mexico
AT & T U – Verse
AT & T Mobility
AT & T Labs
Cricket wireless
OTter Media
Quickplay Media

AT & T Corporate Office Address

AT & T Corporate Office Address

The AT & T is situated at the Dallas, Texas. here, I give more information about Headquarter is exist there or not.

Address – anywhere, when you need to write anything to the AT & T headquarters. Here is AT & T Corporate Office Address.

AT & T Headquarters

208, Akard St.,


Texas, 75202, USA

Phone Number –  You can contact through a call on 1-210-821-4105 to the AT & T Telecommunication for any kind of information but, remind that it is not AT & T Telecommunication customer service number.

Website – for more info. you can see the AT&T corporate website –

AT & T Executive Team

CEO & Chairman – Randall L. Stephenson

William A. Blase Jr. – Senior Executive Vice President – HR

John Donovan – CEO – AT & T Communications

David S. Huntley – Senior Executive & Vice President & chief Compliance Officer

Lori Lee – CEO – AT & T Int. & Glo. Marketing Officer

David R. McAtee II – Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel.

Robert W. Quinn Jr. – Senior Executive Vice President – EXternal & Legislative Affairs

John Stankey – Senior Executive Vice President – AT & T/ TWMIP

John J. Stephens – Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.

AT&T Customer Service Numbers

AT&T Customer Service Numbers

AT & T International Services From Abroad – 1-916-843-4685

AT & T International Service (USA) – 1-800-335-4685

AT & T TTY & TDD – 1-888-341-2355

AT & T GoPhone Phone Number –  1-800-901-9878

AT & T Business Customer Service Number

AT & T Moving and Address Change – 1-877-318-2092

AT & T New Business customer service1-888-715-3291

AT & T Business Customer Deals & Packages – 1-888-858-0822

AT & T Other Business Customer Service – 1-888-288-0822

Additional Numbers For AT&T Customer Service

AT & T to Check Order Status – 1- 877-782-8870

AT & T New Order Service – 1-888-333-6651

AT & T Prepaid Cards for Military – 1-800-288-2020

AT & T to Know Number Transfer Status – 1-866-895-1097

AT & T Store Hours – Opening Hour & Closing Hour

AT & T Store Hours 
Monday 9 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday 9 AM – 8 PM
Wednesday 9 AM – 8 PM
Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM
Friday 9 AM – 8 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 8 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 7 PM

AT & T Store Locations Near Me

You can find out Nerast store to your Location by using an AT & T Store Locator for AT & T corporate website i.e. its very simple to see your nearest AT & T store. you need to write down a zip code/country name in search box.

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