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Denton Farm Address

Denton Farm Address

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First of all guys, we talk about The Texas Animal Helth commission (TAHC) Confirmed Equine herpes myelon encephalopathy (EHM) And the Neurologic Diseases linked to equine herpesvirus 1  (EHV-1), in a Denton Country Barrel Racing Horse on 21 February.

Denton Farm Horses is a privately held company in Pleasant Grove, UT and is an Unknown Business. Categorized under wholesale horse Dealers. This company record show this company has an annual Revenue of less than $ 500,000 and the employees staff of this company of approximately 1 to 4.

Denton Farm Address & Contact Number

  Address 12604 Hubbard street SE Rainier, WA
  Zip Code  98576-9783
 SIC Code 027298, Horses & other Equines
 Contact Number (360)446-7908
  Services Provided by the Denton Farm    is Horses and other Equines, other equines farm horses, & other equine production
  Location Type Single Location
  Year Established 1999
  Annual Revenue Estimated less than $ 500,000
  Employee 1 to 4
  NAICS Code 11521005

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